Better Memories. Smarter Hunting.
  • Mark (and remember) the location of every hunt and bird harvested.
  • Enhance your memories with automatic weather data and notes about the hunt.
  • Analyze your hunt log and harvest data to become a better turkey hunter.
A Hunt Performance and Harvest Management Tool for Turkey Hunters.
  • Use your smartphone pics to build your own database of hunt logs and harvest records.
  • Record key notes about the hunt such as number of birds seen, gobbling activity and more.
  • Group hunt logs and harvest data by area, farm, or property.

The fast way to log a hunt, record sightings, gobbling activity, and harvest data.
Mark hunt and blind locations, get map-level stats for each spot.
Use your smartphone pics to record your hunt and mark harvest locations.
Weather automatically added to every hunt log or photo.
Keep score of turkeys seen, heard and harvested; analyze your data to plan your next hunt.
Make the Most Out of Your Turkey Hunting Pics.
  • Recording a hunt or harvested bird is as easy as taking a pic.
  • OutdoorMetrix automatically adds weather data to every hunt log or photo.
  • Add notes about the hunt, number of birds seen, gobbling activity and other details that made it a good day.
Predict and Plan Your Next Hunt.
  • Build your own database of images and hunt logs.
  • Use dashboards full of stats, charts and key metrics to remember, analyze and learn from all your experience to become a smarter turkey hunter.
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