A web-based log, dashboard and performance management tool for hunters, anglers, guides and wildlife managers.
  • map, track, log and capture hunting activities
  • build a database of outdoors images and statistics
  • remember, analyze and learn from those experiences through dashboards that highlight trends, key stats and performance metrics
  • predict and plan your next hunt
It's smarter hunting and wildlife management.
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The fastest way to log a hunt. Record sightings, behavior, and other observation data.
Easily mark stands, blinds, trail cameras and hunting spots. Get map-level stats for each spot.
Manage and tag trail cam pics to pattern game. Use your photos to log your hunts.
Automatically added to every hunt log and trail cam pic so you can analyze how weather affects your hunting.
Analyze and learn from your hunts and trail cam images. Predict and plan your next hunt.
Which stand should you climb into tonight?
  • Identify top stand based on total sightings, quality buck seen, weather, time/date, trail cam photos and more.
  • Analyze your data to predict which stand should be the best for your next hunt.
Get the Big Picture

Track and record where you hunt for future reference. See map-level stats for each spot or property you hunt.

Simple, Fast Logging with Built-in Weather

Weather data is automatically added to your logs based on location, time and date.

Guides, Outfitters and Habitat Managers

Track and log your clients’ hunts and “roll-up” their log data into one dashboard for your business, farm or lease.

Predict which pool or blind will be hot for your next hunt.
  • The fastest and easiest way to log a hunt, ever.
  • Record birds bagged by species, behaviors, movement patterns, birds seen, shots taken and more.
Waterfowl Hunters

Mark and map where you hunt. Track the type and number of birds shot, shots fired, hours hunted by blind or spot, movement patterns of the birds, birds seen and more

Turkey Hunters

Mark (and remember) the spot of every bird you’ve taken and keep track of all your hunts.

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